​About Us
​​ Simplicity Hair Salon was founded in 2012 with the notion that true beauty is found in the simplicity of everything and anything.

The Royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton inspired this name for the simplicity of Kate's choices for her hair, her dress, and her flowers.  They were all so very simple, yet beautiful.   Hearing client after client express how they appreciated the beauty in her simple choices, I knew Simplicity was my future. 

Here at Simplicity we believe in delivering quality service and fair pricing.  We want everyone to feel beautiful in and out of our chairs.

Continuing education is very important to us as styles change with the times, we definitely like to keep up.  We offer a variety of professional hair products to simply help you maintain yor look at home.

We want everyone to come as you are and feel comfortable being exactly who you are, wherever you are.  Come see for yourself the beauty that can be found in Simplicity.
~ Jennifer Rodriguez (Stylist/Owner)

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